What Are the Causes of Breast Cancer?

What Are the Causes of Breast Cancer?


There are many factors that can increase your risk for developing breast cancer. Early detection is critical, and there are several tests you can get. These tests look at yourbreasts and identify abnormalities. If you notice a lump or change in your breast, you should have it checked out right away. Other signs include thickening or dimpling of the breast tissue or skin, retraction of the nipple, or bloody nipple discharge.

One way to diagnose breast cancer is to undergo a mammogram. A mammogram can help your doctor determine the exact type of cancer you have. The breast is made up of lobes, each with about fifteen to twenty cells. These lobules are connected to each other by ducts.

Genetics can also increase your risk for breast cancer. If you have a first-degree relative with breast cancer, you have a two to three-fold increased risk of developing the disease. Some studies have found that genetic factors are responsible for as much as 5-10% of breast cancer cases in women under 30. The BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are two major genes associated with increased breast cancer susceptibility. Additionally, your risk for developing breast cancer increases if you have certain reproductive risk factors, including menarche before 12 years old and your first live childbirth after 30. Women who have nulliparity and menopause after 55 years of age are also at an increased risk for developing breast cancer.

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, the first step is to see a doctor right away. This will determine the cause of the cancer and determine the treatment options. There are many types of treatments, which include observation and medications. Some treatments will even include surgery.

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