New Program Allows Safe, Orderly Entry to US for Migrants

The Government of Mexico announced the decision of the United States to expand, as of today, the method of admission to its labor market, which will mean that 30,000 migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua or Venezuela can enter each month in an orderly manner. , safe and regular; this would represent a total of 360,000 during 2023, the largest expansion in terms of labor mobility in contemporary United States history.

Joint Communication between the Ministry of the Interior and Foreign Affairs

Through a joint communication between the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, He pointed out that the humanitarian permit program for people from Venezuela, implemented in October 2022, shows positive results both in the creation of a new pathway for admission to the US labor market and in the reduction of irregular migratory flows in the region.

Until today, the new program has allowed orderly, safe, and regular access to the United States for 11,460 Venezuelans, and around 16,000 already have authorization to enter that country. Likewise, daily irregular crossings have decreased by up to 94%, with a maximum peak on October 2, of 1,511, prior to the implementation of the program, and a minimum of 90 registered on December 4.

Additionally, Mexico and the United States will expand their resettlement policies for refugees, in recognition of the importance of access to asylum in both countries and in the region. According to the information provided by the US government, migrants who follow the instructions of the program and do not appear at the land border between Mexico and the United States will be able to enter that country by air and formally access its labor market.

People of the aforementioned nationalities who do not meet the requirements or who do not follow the indications of the new program will be subject to Title 42 as has happened up to now with people of Venezuelan nationality.

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