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Gas Stove Ban Debate Ignites In US

Gas stoves are at the center of a funny controversy. It all started with the publication of – disputed – studies linking this type of equipment to childhood asthma.

“You will not touch our gas stoves!”. It is with these words that Ron DeSantis, the powerful governor of Florida, evoked the controversy around the possible banning of the famous gas stoves. These gas cookers are indeed at the heart of a debate that has been unexpected to say the least in recent days in the United States.

It all started with the publication of studies, albeit disputed, which made the link between these devices and childhood asthma. When an official from a government agency mentioned a possible ban on gas stoves, it set fire to the powder.

The Anger of The Conservatives

Since then, the Conservatives have multiplied outraged speeches to defend gas cooking. Popular Fox News host Tucker Carlson said, “These politicians think they’re God and want to control your privacy right down to your kitchen. But we’ve had those gas stoves for a hundred years! It’s today. agreed to give Fentanyl to drug addicts, but the gas stove would be a mortal danger?

The White House, annoyed, was forced to communicate on the case. She denied wanting to ban these devices. For Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, elected New York Democrat, this controversy is laughable: “Frankly, calm down a bit. We are discussing regulations that concern products sold in the distant future.”

Today, bans are already in place, but on a local scale and for ecological reasons imposed on buildings under construction. It is estimated that in the United States, one in two households uses an old gas stove.

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