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Brazil Unveils Exciting Game Announcement

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva faces major challenges within Brazil, but he also pays a lot of attention to international relations, without this implying a contradiction. What he achieves in the region and in the world will help consolidate it in his country, not only from the point of view of economic growth (necessary for the promised social policies), but also in terms of governability. The role that Lula can play in today’s complex geopolitics is a powerful reason for several great powers to reject the ultra-right-wing coup in Brazil.

It was always clear that Lula was not going to support Uruguay’s unilateral trade agreements with countries and blocs outside Mercosur, such as those that President Luis Lacalle Pou has attempted without success. Yesterday, statements by the new Brazilian Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira to the Folha de São Paulo newspaper confirmed this, which should not surprise anyone. What may be surprising is that the editors of Folha, usually not very interested in Mercosur and Uruguay, have prioritized the issue and highlighted it in the title of the interview with Vieira, despite the fact that it also covered Brazil’s relationship with China. , the United States, the European Union and the OECD.

This strongly suggests that the foreign minister, the newspaper, or both were interested in sending a clear message ahead of Lula’s visit to Uruguay this week, which follows one in Argentina. In that message, Vieira pointed out the obvious and left an open door.

What is evident is that if Uruguay agreed with China on tariffs below the one it has in common with Mercosur, whatever entered our country paying less would circulate to the rest of the bloc. The open door was that Vieira spoke of “seeing the needs” of each country “and the asymmetries that exist”, to consider “some type of concession”, because “Brazil and Uruguay not only have a relationship within Mercosur”, but also a “direct bilateral that is very intense”.

The translation is easy: Brazil is willing to grant some benefits to Uruguay in the bilateral relationship. It’s about accounting.

Uruguayan Export Sectors

For some large Uruguayan export sectors, the possibility of expanding quotas or gaining entry preferences in markets outside of Mercosur is very tempting. But if the price were to lose markets and business in the region, what would be the global balance for the country, what should the national government keep in mind?

Not even the most radical supporters of Uruguay leaving the regional bloc have ever released an estimate in this regard, and the preliminary impact studies carried out by the authorities on an eventual free trade agreement with China are secret. Uncertainty does not simply arise from this: it is very obvious that, if these accounts indicated that our country would benefit from getting rid of what Lacalle Pou calls the “corset” or “ballast” of Mercosur, they would have been widely disseminated.

It will be necessary to see and analyze what Lula offers and to what extent it suits Uruguay as a whole. What doesn’t make sense is demanding what he can’t or doesn’t want to give us, especially if we don’t have anything to pressure him to give up.

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