5 Sweet perfumes that will leave a sweet cloud in your wake

Cotton candy, vanilla, praline, caramel, popcorn, apple, currant. Sweet perfumes have no middle ground, they are hopelessly sweetened, intoxicating, and impossible to ignore. Sprinkling yourself with one of these gourmand fragrances. Create a gourmand cloud around you that does not leave you throughout the day, for lovers of this type of aroma (Sweet perfumes) that we could describe as ‘dessert’, they are truly addictive, once you find yours, you don’t abandon it.

And while sweet scents are often considered more youthful and ultra-feminine, there are plenty of variations to appeal to a broader spectrum, ranging from girly girls to those who aren’t necessarily fans of aesthetics.

Long live Juicy, by Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture perfumes take us straight back to adolescence, when we started wearing fragrances and many young girls opted for their sweet scents. Ultra feminine, romantic and very pink, it is ideal for any girly girl.

Olfactory notes: include fruity notes such as wild strawberries and mandarin, a floral note with honeysuckle, jasmine and gardenia petals; and a particularly sweet background of sandalwood, vanilla, creamy amber, caramel and praline.

Bombshell, from Victoria’s Secret

The lingerie brand’s best-selling fragrance in America is the quintessential sweet perfume. One of those intoxicating aromas that never go unnoticed, with a sexy touch and always accompanied by the inevitable exclamation: how good you smell!

Olfactory notes: fruity floral type, its key aromatic notes are purple passion fruit, paradisiacal peony and vanilla orchid.

Prada Candy, by Prada

Belonging to the oriental gourmand family, it is a slightly more adult version without neglecting the sweetened point of the classic sweet perfumes. It is feminine, sophisticated and cheerful without being too much. A dessert suitable for all palates.

Olfactory notes: combines musks to give it a powdery touch, with notes of vanilla and a touch of caramel for that sweet moment.

Cloud by Ariana Grande

The fragrance created by singer Ariana Grande has become much more than just another celebrity perfume, considering how much it’s gone viral on TikTok. With an optimistic and intoxicating aroma, it envelops you like a cloud.

Olfactory notes: lavender flower and the sparkling touch of bergamot combine with a sweet heart of coconut cream, praline and orchid. To contrast, it finishes off its aroma with musky and woody notes.

Blossom, for Halloween

From the creators of the fragrance that many of us used in our teens, comes the fruity oriental floral version, with sweeter notes than the original, but with the essence of authentic Halloween.

Olfactory notes: the sparkling point of green mandarin, pink pepper, and wild strawberry combine with blackberry blossom, orange blossom, and Egyptian jasmine. To finish off the sweet spot, there is no lack of vanilla, combined in the base notes with musk and cedar oil.

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