American, French manicure trend: The most classic and elegant of 2023

The French manicure is living its moment of glory, with constant updates that pay tribute to this classic: from Hailey Bieber’s inverted manicure perfect for Valentine’s Day to the micro French manicure that sneaks into the biggest nail trends of the moment. Its elegance, low maintenance, and ability to rejuvenate the appearance of the hands have made it a sure success, which is now sublimated by great manicurists with its great remastering for 2023: the American French manicure, an even more natural and soft version that has already seduced trendsetters in this field such as Jennifer Lopez, who sponsored the reign of milky nails when she chose them for her wedding day.

Also known as Vanilla French Nails, the ‘American’ French manicure is the go-to look for the Vanilla Girl, so minimal and sweet, a gourmand look it shares with the dulce de leche manicure or the mocha manicure. Its maker is the celebrity manicurist Zola Ganzorigt, who has already used the design for Kylie Jenner or Adele and defines it as her “new obsession”.

As you can see, the American one is very similar to the traditional French manicure, but with a more transparent finish: instead of choosing a white tone for the tips, she opts for a white one, while the pink tone of the base is also close and more to the actual color of the nail. In this way, it seems that the nails have only been enameled with glitter, creating a neutral but extremely careful effect on the hands.

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This article was originally published on VOGUE Spain

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